Our Vision

To become a leading conglomerate providing world-class & high-end products & services

Our Mission

We are committed to provide high quality products and excellent services to  our clients aiming to become a partner in their enjoyable daily life.

 About us 

  • We believe that success has no limits & innovation has no end. We launched in 1994 aiming to become one of the world's leading conglomerates in the fields of Investment, Trading & Development by 2020. In the past 25 years we were able to prove our success through penetrating the main industries that affect the global market ( Electronics, Technology and Manufacturing medical supplies ). In these fields, we were willing to contribute in the growth of the global and local markest as well through the group of companies and distribution channels in the UAE , Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Upon this success, we have set our new vision of 2050 that we are willing to achieve through the contribution of our recently launched companies Smart Gate Solutions, Makany Real-Estate Development and Softline companies as a cornerstone in our vision

Our Companies




we aim to create a positive impact today to shape a new green and smart tomorrow

Microway systems


Authorized  distributors of world-class electronic brands across Egypt & the MENA 

Smart Gate solutions


provides solutions for building and home automation based on the Internet of Things



Proud  we are sold first gatway pc and manufactured first micro computer in MENA

Jasmine Hospital


A hospital on 4500 sq2 with world-class level & latest technology for your health care.

AMSEO Group 


Pioneers in manufacturing ortho-surgical and rehabilitation devices and equipment


Running throughout the hour with offices in Egypt and across the MENA region to ensure providing to our client excellent quality products and services


In different fields giving us the opportunity to evaluate the market and approach different industries to fulfill the requirements and expectation of our clients


Working 365 days a year aiming to achieve the mission of the organization and contributing in it’s vision while maintaining it’s core values.

Our partners



Omar Abed Harbi
Former Saudi Embassy Security Director
I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to my brother Dr. Essam  Abu Hamila, Chairman of the Group, for inviting me to attend the large investment conference organized by the Concorde Hotels Group in Saudi Arabia, where he signed an agreement to market and resell the Concorde Group’s units in Makkah and Medina.I am very happy as  I signed a contract for the purchase of 3 units of the company’s various projects in Egypt. I trust in secured investment with them, as I did 6 years ago when I was serving at the Kingdom Embassy in Egypt.
Colonel Hassan Abdul Rashid
Police headquarters in the tactical village

From my professional experience 22 years in the field of security and information systems I am  proud to have the first experience of the smart home in Egypt and I am very pleased to be the first to own in my new home at janat alyasmen resort

Eng. Alaa Shehata
Chairman of Al Safwa Group of Companies
At Jannat alyasmen Resort I found my place where peace of mind, luxury and security, with safe and secure investment made me decide to repeat the purchase in the second phase of the project