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If we browse the progress of the successful people around us, we will find that each and every one of them has a success story that is rich in suffering, accompanied his beginnings and contributed to his success , and if it wasn’t for those failures he wouldn’t of achieved that success . No one reaches success without doing lots of effort, going through failure and sometimes despair, and only those who have strong will wouldn’t stay long in these stages , But on the contrary, it provides them with fuel and motivation to proceed and perseverance.
Failure doesn’t necessarily mean that you failed , but it can be an experience that we learn from, and the more experiences you have the more experienced and mature you get . Every successful project was initially an idea, just an idea that had been worked on to become an entity and a tangible success.
So Here I am giving my advice to those who are faltering on their way, right decision comes with experience; experience comes from making many wrong decisions and learning from them. so expert wouldn’t become an expert if it weren’t for those experiences that he have been through and witnessed , so don’t you ever worry about failing, but your should worry about the lost opportunities when you too worried to try it. successful Human’s honest will is like a magic force that goes behind his back and pushes him forward on the path of success, and this strong will grows over time to prevent him from stopping or retreating, but… Before all of that, people should have the wisdom and the faith on God’s will . wisdom is to know what you’re doing, skill is to know how to do it, success is to make it happen.
And here at the Abu Hemila group we know what we want and how to achieve it having all the faith and optimism onthe results and confidence in you.
And at the beginning of a new journey to the future and with a conscious and thoughtful vision of the needs of the stage until 2050 and from the bases of our principles and our values, I wish all my partners and colleagues and competitors and by them our dear customers all success and good luck

Success Story

About Us:


We believe that success has no limits & innovation has no end!We launched in 1994 aiming to become one of the world’s leading conglomerates in the fields of Investment, Trading & Development by 2020.In the past 25 years we were able to prove our success in the main industries that affect the global market, Electronics & Technology and Manufacturing of ortho-surgeon supplies. In these fields, we were willing to contribute in the growth of the local market as well, by building the main factory of AMSEO in Egypt. This factory was built to match the standards of German production & distributed among different channels across Egypt & the MENA region.Upon this success, we have set our new vision of 2050 that we are willing to achieve through the contribution of our recently launched companies Smart Gate Solutions, Makany Real Estate & Development & Soft-line solutions!


To become one of the world’s largest providers of world-class products and services.


The Group is committed to provide the highest quality and excellence to its products and services to its valued customers to become a key partner in their daily lives.