Smart Gate Solution

  • Launched in 2018
  • Specialized in home automation
  • We offer integrated smart solutions to manage your home and your facilities whatever your needs
  • Jasmine Medical Hospital is the first smart hospital in the Middle East to use the SGS program
  • Jannat alyasmen Resort is the first smart resort in the Middle East to use the SGS program
  • We provide full control of all elements of security, protection, lighting and media, internal and external weather Gas and water leakage - garden management and irrigation - opening and closing of gates and windows - swimming pool control
  • Our head office is located in Egypt - Cairo

About Smart Gate Solution

A Pioneer in the Egyptian market specialized in changing your life to make it easier and simpler.At smart gate solution, we have gathered engineers under one ceiling focusing on artificial intelligence technology, the trending technology. A technology is not only applied to turn your lifestyle into a luxurious one, but also to make your life secured with the least human interference. Our engineers have been studying artificial intelligence and have been attending international seminars and events related to this topic, to introduce it in Egypt & the MENA region. This technology can turn an ordinary home to a smart home where every single element is controlled remotely to ensure your safety and convenience.

Our Vision

We strive to become a leading supplier of building automation systems on the global market. We work so that the sgs smart home was the best choice in every aspect.

Our Mission

Sgs  enriches people’s lives all over the world by creating a comfortable, friendly and safe home space. With the ambition and creativity of our employees, we provide smart and complementary solutions, which delight our clients.