1st smart home across Egypt

Finally, the first smart home & smart farm in Egypt & MENA region @ Jasmine Paradise resort located in new sphinx city, in the 4th generation city in Egypt. Today smart life has been brought to your finger tips, with just a single visit to our office you will realize that your dream has came true and today you can enjoy a luxurious life in the place of your dreams. Where you can control every single detail in a smart way. A modern country-home with a farm fully controlled by an application on a mobile phone, no matter where you are around the world you can still control every device and detail with just a single touch on your phone. This feature was offered & recommended by the management of the resort. Because it’s not only about controlling devices, but also it enhances your safety precautions and allows you to decrease the number of man-power at your place. To enhance the safety precautions, a safety zone has been drawn to ensure the safety of the children. It’s true that the resort is a safe place running with cameras and smart technology to ensure that there would be no trespassing. However incase there was any, a safety room has been designed with all the required facilities to live, monitor and action. This room has been designed to have a washroom & a small fridge that would enable the person to stay for a long period inside the room.But towards safety the room has cameras covering the whole asset with a smart lock that has a code to be unlocked, not only that but if activated it would automatically action a danger mode that would be a phone call to either the owner of the asset or directly to the concerned governmental facility.


Mentioning smart doesn’t only apply to the electronic devices, but also controls your garden to ensure you keep your garden healthy. This consists of measuring the temperature, rate of fertility, water stress and field monitoring to provide with diagnosis of disease, soil erosion, crop yield analysis and you can monitor it through a flexible smart camera.

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